Expert Witness Report – Contractual Dispute

In this case, the owners of this detached property had commissioned a two storey and single storey rear extension.  The works were not undertaken either efficiently or to the specification, and as a result the owner terminated the contract before the construction works were completed. De Vos Consultancy Ltd was instructed to undertake an expert witness inspection and to assess the defects in the works undertake.

One of the most significant defects was the use of the large ‘I’ beams in the new roof space, which not only protruded invasively into the loft area, but also were not properly supported and packed onto the brick piers, which ultimately is likely to lead to movement to the roof structure itself.

Expert Witness Report – Service Charge Dispute

Great Arthur House is a landmark, modernist building constructed in the 1950’s, located on the Golden Lane Estate, close to the Barbican in London, which has been protected as a group of buildings of special architectural interest.

At the time of construction, Great Arthur House, was briefly the tallest residential building in London at the time.

The main feature of the tower is the curved concrete structure on the roof, containing the building’s water tanks, which was compared to ‘a concrete aeroplane’. The roof was also given a pergola and water garden for the benefit of residents on the upper floors.  Now closed for general access, on health and safety ground, the structures and the roof covering of the roof gardens require repair, De Vos Consultancy Ltd was instructed to undertake an Expert Witness inspection and report back on the condition of the roof, to provide opinion on the required works to the roof.

Originally constructed to provide council housing, many of the flats are now owned leasehold.  Leaseholders claim that some of the works required for remediation are design defects, rather than matters of repair.